About Park Palet

Who is Park Palet?

Park Palet is made up of a team of experts in industrial real estate development, logistics operations and technology sectors. For more information: www.parkpalet.com/parkpalet

Park Palet online marketplace brings together companies that need short-term warehousing and warehouse companies with excess capacity. Companies that need warehousing search for the warehouse space and the duration they require through our website, agree with the appropriate warehouse owners on our web site and make delivery, shipment, contract and invoicing transactions.

We are a business-to-business platform. Therefore, we work with companies looking for warehouse space and companies providing warehouse space.

The Park Palet platform provides a solution for the companies that are looking for a short-term warehouse space, based on the space and the duration they require instead of the fixed rental and operation cost. In this way, you can reduce your logistic costs.

Warehouse companies also earn more from their excess warehouse space.

Park Palet can now find the warehouse space for a minimum of one month. It does not have to be right now. You can contact us now for your future warehouse requirements. You only need to set the date and duration.

In order to ensure efficient operation of our system, the minimum lease space that we have determined in the first place is 50 pallets.

About warehousing services

The warehousing services are provided by the warehouse companies you agreed through our website. These companies are warehouse owners, transportation and warehouse companies or 3PL companies. They provide delivery, handling and shipping services.

You can fill out our form at www.parkpalet.com, you can contact us at info@parkpalet.com or 0(850) 885 3347.

No. You do not have to commit to long-term lease contracts. You can rent warehouse space as long as you need with a warehouse service agreement.

Warehouse owners or operators themselves determine the warehouse prices based on pallets or square meters. Park Palet fee is calculated as a percentage of each transaction. Invoicing is through Park Palet.

Companies providing warehouse services listed in Park Palet platform have high quality standards. It is the warehouse owner's obligation to ensure that the stored goods are not damaged, stolen, destroyed or lost. In case of damage, the insurance policy of the warehouse owner is engaged.