Park Palet is the first online B2B warehouse platform in Turkey that brings together the companies looking for short-term warehouse space and the warehouse companies with excess capacity.

Our team united their experiences in logistic and industrial real estate development and logistic operations and technology sectors on this innovative platform.

We have established a flexible and efficient logistics network for short-term warehouse space needs. In this way, the companies that need short-term warehousing can get the service they require on-demand and can reduce their logistic costs. Meanwhile, warehouse operators can create income by utilising their seasonal excess space on short-term basis, thus optimising their entire warehouse space.


Retailers, e-commerce companies and manufacturing companies that are experiencing changes in sales due to seasonality, new business trends, unpredictable business changes, need short-term warehouse space. For example, opening of schools or special occasions will have impact on sales in the retail sector, which means keeping inventory. In the same way, the production of a new machine can cause an increase in inventories. For this reason, many companies need short-term warehousing solutions in addition to long-term leasing contracts. Such dual state logistics warehousing strategies - long term contracts for regular business periods, short term solutions for seasonality and sudden changes - enable companies to keep pace with change.

Warehouse operators, owners, or 3PL logistics companies can generate revenue by renting their seasonal excess warehouse space on pallet-basis to these companies that need warehousing, through the Park Palet platform. Our objective as Park Palet is to create a short-term on-demand warehousing model, using technology. Thus, warehouse operators work at full capacity and increase their revenue, meanwhile the logistics cost of companies that need short-term warehouse space are falling.

New generation pop-up stores in retailing, co-working space in the office sector, and AirBnB in accommodation, recently seen in the real estate market are examples of providing efficient, flexible solutions for both users and operators.

Park Palet on-demand warehousing model offers dynamic, flexible solutions in Turkish Logistics sector.

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