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Logistics with ParkPalet, Be Your Secret Weapon

ParkPalet Fulfillment takes over the customer experience completely, as soon as the customers click the "Buy" button.
We determine the ideal warehousing solution for your products that you sell through the marketplaces we are integrated with, then store them, do the packaging and handling as soon as the sales order is placed into the system, and deliver it to cargo.

Easy to Use

Our platform, which provides logistics solutions for your e-commerce operations and on-demand warehouse space according to your needs, is ready for easy and fast solutions.

  • Tek adımda hizmet tanımlama ve teklif alabilme
  • Farklı lokasyonlar arasında en uygun depo seçimi
  • Stok yönetimi, sipariş hazırlama, sevkiyat ve iade süreçlerinin tamamı için entegre çözüm

Smart Technology

Your logistics operations are just a click away with our smart order and warehouse management software that instantly responds to your demands and allows you to track your operations in real time.

  • Entegrasyonlar sayesinde siparişlerin otomatik olarak işlenmesi
  • Siparişlerle ilgili tüm adımları takip edebilme
  • Stok seviyelerini izleme, kritik stok seviyeleri belirleyebilme

Scalable Solutions

Get as much logistics services as you need with our scalable warehouse space and logistics operation model.

  • Sipariş sayısıyla orantılı ekonomik fiyatlama modeli
  • İş hacmine göre gerekli ölçekteki büyüme ve küçülme opsiyonu
  • Yeni hizmet, ürün kapsamına uygun katma değerli hizmetler


We determine the ideal warehousing solution for your products, store them, implement the packaging and handling as soon as the order is placed on the system, and deliver to cargo. We also manage the return process and store your returned products.


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Fulfillment services for your overseas sales are also at ParkPalet!

Our fulfillment warehouses in the USA, England, Germany and Netherlands have started services for our customers who sell abroad in leading e-commerce global marketplaces in a smoother, faster and more affordable manner.



With ParkPalet Dynamic Warehousing Solutions, we enable you to find as much warehouse space as you need for the place and time you want.

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We met our need for additional warehouse space, generated by our production capacity increase, with the ParkPalet platform. We started the operation by agreeing with the warehouse closest to our factory, among the alternatives. We will continue to work with ParkPalet on new projects.


Thanks to the Park Palet platform, we quickly and easily accessed the qualified “Amazon Preparation” service that meets our needs. We started the operation by agreeing with the most suitable order preparation center among the alternatives. We want to work with ParkPalet in new projects.

Moringa Wellness

Turuncu Koli

We have reached the qualified e-commerce order preparation service that meets our needs through ParkPalet platform. With the smooth fulfillment service we have received, we have the opportunity to focus on other areas that will grow our company, thank you ParkPalet.
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