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Fulfillment in turkey

Streamline all your logistics processes. Let us take your products into our warehouses and manage your orders for you.

E-commerce fulfillment

Reach global marketplaces. Safely store your products in our warehouses, and let us seamlessly manage the orders.

Turkey to Amazon Sea Freight

Send your products to Amazon's warehouses in the USA for only $1.5 per DESI.

Amazon Prep Service

Safely and economically ship your products to Amazon. Find the most suitable solution for you with our flexible warehousing options.

B2B Logistics Warehouse

Efficiently manage your warehousing needs. Get additional warehousing space when needed and reduce your operating expenses.

Freight and Express Shipping

Deliver your products to your customers with fast and efficient shipping options. Deliver your orders on time and securely.

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Returns Management

Manage returns professionally and efficiently. Maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction while reducing your workload.

Those Who Trust Us in Their Operations

We achieve new successes every day with the brands that trust us in logistics operations.

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Get rid of warehouse expenses

Store your products in our spacious and secure warehouses. Forget about high warehouse costs and focus on growing your business.


Simplify logistics processes

Manage orders, inventory, and returns on a single platform. Reduce the complexity of your business processes and increase efficiency.


Efficient shipping solutions

Provide excellent service to your customers with our fast and reliable shipping options. Gain flexibility and speed in your local and international shipments.


Leadership in Inventory Management

Always have control with real-time inventory tracking. Prevent unexpected inventory issues and achieve more efficient inventory management.


Simplify Return Processes

Let us manage return processes for you. Resolve return requests quickly and effectively to save both time and cost.


Wide Integration Network

With our system that integrates with major marketplaces like Amazon and eBay, diversify your sales channels and access new markets.

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E-commerce fulfillment

Opening doors to the international market and expanding has never been easier. ParkPalet safely transports your e-commerce orders while providing support for all processes, including inventory management, order processing, and returns. Our customer Nutrade's experience is the best proof of this. Through our user-friendly platform, Nutrade tracks their stocks in real-time, controls inventory levels, and ensures flexibility according to demand.

Experience the convenience with the ParkPalet Order Management System

Experience convenience in your business processes with the ParkPalet Order Management System. We provide the opportunity to manage all your orders, inventory, and returns through a single platform. Manage storage, shipping, inventory, and return processes seamlessly from one dashboard.

  • Real-Time Shipment Tracking: Track your shipments in real-time.
  • Dynamic Inventory Control: Keep your inventory status under constant control.
  • Flexible Shipping Options: Send shipments from any warehouse, anytime you want.
  • E-commerce Infrastructure Compatibility: Work seamlessly with all marketplace and e-commerce infrastructures.
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Kumtel's customers always have high expectations. To meet these expectations in the best possible way, we always collaborate with the best. We are highly satisfied with our partnership with ParkPalet.

Burak ÖzdemirKumtel

From the purchase decision to product delivery, we want our consumers to have a flawless purchasing experience. That's why we collaborate with ParkPalet for warehouse and fulfillment processes in the USA.

Julien MartinCelesty Beauty Care

We are pleased to work with ParkPalet. We started working with ParkPalet for MUGO's domestic warehousing operations a while ago. Thanks to the seamless progression of processes, cost-effectiveness, and fast delivery options, we have significantly increased customer satisfaction.

Atahan YılmazMugo

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