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Would you like to expand your business to the entire world? Leave your logistics worries behind with our warehouses where you can communicate in Turkish in 8 different countries, primarily the USA. Get a free offer for our e-commerce fulfillment service today.

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We achieve new successes every day with the brands that trust us in logistics operations.

How does ParkPalet e-commerce fulfillment work?

With ParkPalet, e-commerce fulfillment has never been easier! You can simplify all your logistics processes by following just three simple steps.

  1. 1

    We pick up from your doorstep and transport to our warehouse

    We pick up your inventory from your doorstep and safely transport it to our warehouse in the country of your choice.

  2. 2

    We store your products

    We place your inventory in our technologically integrated warehouse.

  3. 3

    We ship them

    We can ship your products to Amazon warehouses, dealers, or directly to your customers, whichever you prefer.

Take your business to the next level with our e-commerce fulfillment service


E-commerce Warehouse Opportunity

Reduce your warehouse expenses by keeping your products in our secure warehouses that meet world standards. This way, you can allocate more resources to grow your business.


Dynamic and Efficient Shipping Options

Increase customer satisfaction to the maximum level. Whether by air or by sea, we deliver your orders to the United States in the way you prefer.


Real-time inventory tracking

Track your inventory in real-time. Easily manage your inventory, orders, and return processes through a single dashboard. Control is entirely yours.


Professional Return Management

Return processes can be complex and time-consuming. We manage this process on your behalf, reducing your workload and minimizing economic losses.


Wide Integration Network

With our system that integrates with e-commerce marketplaces, you can manage your business processes more effectively.


Alternative Logistics and Shipping

With our labeling and packaging services that meet Amazon standards, you can seamlessly present your products to global marketplaces.

Manage all your processes from a single dashboard

E-commerce Package Accept

We keep your products under control at all times. Wherever they are in the world, we ensure that your products are managed accurately and error-free. As part of our transparency policy, you can track every stage of your products in real-time from the moment they enter our warehouse. Get instant access to everything from the shipping status of your products to stock levels and all the details.

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Hear from our customers

Kumtel's customers always have high expectations. To meet these expectations in the best possible way, we always collaborate with the best. We are highly satisfied with our partnership with ParkPalet.

Burak ÖzdemirKumtel

From the purchase decision to product delivery, we want our consumers to have a flawless purchasing experience. That's why we collaborate with ParkPalet for warehouse and fulfillment processes in the USA.

Julien MartinCelesty Beauty Care

We are pleased to work with ParkPalet. We started working with ParkPalet for MUGO's domestic warehousing operations a while ago. Thanks to the seamless progression of processes, cost-effectiveness, and fast delivery options, we have significantly increased customer satisfaction.

Atahan YılmazMugo

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