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Who are we?

Our team has combined their expertise in logistics and industrial real estate development, logistics operations, and the technology sector on this innovative platform.

We have established a flexible and efficient logistics warehousing network for short-term warehouse space needs. This allows companies with short-term warehouse requirements to receive the services they need at any time, reducing their logistics costs. Warehouse operators, on the other hand, generate income by utilizing their seasonal excess capacity on a short-term pallet basis and optimizing warehouse space.

Recent developments in the real estate market, such as new-generation shared retail spaces, flexible office spaces (co-working) in the office sector, and Airbnb-style accommodations, are examples of efficient, flexible solutions for both users and operators.

ParkPalet warehouse platform provides dynamic and flexible solutions in the Turkish logistics sector.

What we do?

Retailers, e-commerce companies, and manufacturing firms whose sales fluctuate due to seasonality, new business trends, or unforeseen changes in demand often require short-term warehouse spaces. For example, the opening of schools or special occasions can necessitate stockpiling in the retail sector.

Similarly, the sudden production of a new machine can lead to an increase in inventory. Therefore, many companies require short-term warehousing solutions in addition to their long-term warehouse rental agreements.

These dual-purpose logistics storage strategies – long-term contracts for regular business periods and short-term solutions for seasonality and sudden changes – enable companies to adapt quickly to changes.

Who are we for?

Warehouse operators, owners, or 3PL logistics companies can generate income from excess capacity areas resulting from seasonality by renting them out on a pallet basis to companies in need of warehouse space through ParkPalet platform.

At ParkPalet, our goal is to create a system that utilizes technology to provide short-term services where you pay only for what you need. This way, warehouse operators can increase their income by operating at full capacity, while companies in need of short-term warehouse space can reduce their logistics costs.

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