Amazon Prep Service

Send your products to Amazon in just 3 steps

We ship your products quickly and securely to Amazon warehouses in America with our Turkey to Amazon sea freight and USA Prep service for only 1.5 USD/DESI.

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We achieve new successes every day with the brands that trust us in logistics operations.

How Does ParkPalet Amazon Prep Service Work?

You can deliver your products to the United States and Amazon quickly and securely by optimizing your logistics processes in just four steps.

  1. 1

    We pick up from your door and transport it to our warehouse

    We pick up your products from your door and manage the entire logistics process for you.

  2. 2

    We ship them by our container service

    We send your products to the United States by sea freight through our weekly container service.

  3. 3

    From our USA Warehouse to Amazon

    We unload your products at our warehouse and then ship them to the Amazon warehouse you've specified.

  4. 4

    Track your shipments and manage your returns

    You can track all your shipments in real time and manage all your return processes through the dashboard.

Take your business to the world with ParkPalet's Amazon prep service


Turkey to Amazon sea freight team

With our expert Turkey to Amazon sea freight team, we deliver your products to the United States quickly and securely. Our experienced team manages your logistics processes seamlessly.


Efficient service

Don't deal with complex processes; enjoy seamless delivery with us at a single price. We deliver your products to the United States smoothly and quickly.


Simple, single price

Manage your budget easily with our transparent and straightforward pricing policy. Get service at a single price without additional fees or hidden charges.


Don't run out of stock on Amazon

If your stock in Amazon warehouses runs out, you could lose your position in listings. Keep your products in our warehouse, and we'll send them to Amazon whenever you want!


Compete effectively

Boost your competitiveness in the global market. With ParkPalet's prep services, you can compete even with Chinese sellers and prevent your products from falling behind on Amazon listings.


Real-time inventory tracking

Monitor your inventory live at any moment. Easily manage your stock, order, and return processes from our dashboard. Control is yours.

Take control with the Order Management Dashboard!

With ParkPalet's user-friendly order management dashboard, you can track your shipments and warehouse transactions in real-time. Efficiently manage your inventory and streamline your business processes. You have the freedom to make deliveries to any address at any time according to your needs. Furthermore, our dashboard is compatible with all marketplace and e-commerce infrastructures, allowing you to expand your business without integration issues. The control is yours, the decision is yours!

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Our Integrations

Integrate with all marketplace and e-commerce platforms in Turkey with ParkPalet in two steps!

No matter it's 5 or 5,000 boxes

With our Turkey to Amazon sea freight service, regardless of the size of your shipment, we smoothly transport your products from your doorstep to our USA warehouse. Whether it's 5 or 5,000 boxes, we deliver your products safely and quickly, regardless of the shipment size. Additionally, we offer flexible warehouse space options to meet your business's growth and expansion needs. Experience the ease of stepping into global markets with ParkPalet.

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Hear from our customers

Kumtel's customers always have high expectations. To meet these expectations in the best possible way, we always collaborate with the best. We are highly satisfied with our partnership with ParkPalet.

Burak ÖzdemirKumtel

From the purchase decision to product delivery, we want our consumers to have a flawless purchasing experience. That's why we collaborate with ParkPalet for warehouse and fulfillment processes in the USA.

Julien MartinCelesty Beauty Care

We are pleased to work with ParkPalet. We started working with ParkPalet for MUGO's domestic warehousing operations a while ago. Thanks to the seamless progression of processes, cost-effectiveness, and fast delivery options, we have significantly increased customer satisfaction.

Atahan YılmazMugo

Boost your business with our Prep service

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